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Our sustainable process starts with the seed. The E3 sustainable cotton is driven by comprehensive verification and valued reputation. It consumes less water, has a lower impact on the soil, requires less energy to produce, supports and invests US Farmers in the process. 

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In this collection, we put sustainable thinking at the center of every single step, starting from cotton seed to manufacturing process. In order to create the most sustainable, equitable, and economical jeans in the world.

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MyFarms, a digital platform, e3 sustainable cotton information is converted using tools managed by independent scientists into multiple different sustainability measures, including soil conservation & fertility management, irrigation water use, water quality, greenhouse emissions, energy use & conservation, pesticide management & usage, identity preservation, worker health & safety soil carbon and biodiversity. 

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The cotton supply that tracks environmental outcomes back to each cotton field.

The conventional cotton supply that can deliver item-level sustainability promises.

A cotton supply vetted by independent auditors, Wakefield Inspections and STEP.

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We are working to ensure that all our products are safe to produce and wear. This includes eliminating any hazardous discharge into water, soil and air. By using our advanced dyeing technology - Union Blue to reduce water consumption by cut down the dyeing boxes. Our vision is to lead the change towards safe products and toxic-free garments, which will truly benefit both people and the planet. 

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Utilise environmentally friendly chemicals to partially remove the denim colour and oxidise the denim fabric. 

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Utilise eco chemicals and innovative technology to replace hypochlorite, as the oxidising agents to create different oxidising effects. 

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Stones are abolished to eliminate the problem of environmental disposition of waste, wastewater, as well as the damage to machines resulting from stone washing process. 

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The usage of resources such as water, steam is highly reduced up to 90% by utilise the innovative laundry technology.

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Minimise labor work by increasingly adopting laser technology to create various levels of fades.

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Environmentally friendly chemicals are used to avoid discharge of hazardous chemical. Combined with advanced laundry technology, chemical consumption can be reduced up to 70%.

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Sustainable In Every Step Of

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