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A range of 10 denim fabrics developed for both men and women collections.
The fabrics took the challenge of providing a greater depth of color shade and stronger intensity of yarn while maintaining the durability while compared with the traditional recycled denim fabrics.

Usage of corresponding sustainable materials which included Lycra T400 fibre with EcoMade technology and REPREVE recycled polyester, and all fabric certified with Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)


Inspired by 10 fine quality denim, the 2ND LIFE Collection goes for a vintage look to embrace denim authenticity. The perfect  color shade and different washing effects allow the fabrics can create both dark and light colors, thus offering more styles and widening the product range.

In order to push our boundaries producing cleaner jeans, sustainable eco-washing methods are adopted in the finishing approaches without manual labour work.

2nd-life collection layout-01.jpg
2nd-life collection layout-01.jpg

Thinking back to the concept of "2ND LIFE", we hold onto our simple mind - keeping as much as material in use, we made use of the wastage from the circular fabric.


Right at the beginning design, we collect, again, the cut-waste from sampling, as well as treasure all trial panels from the design process, and upcycled as the new kimono jackets, patches, and accessories to work towards zero wastage.

2nd-life collection layout-02.jpg

Continue to further the utmost effort in accelerating circularity to turn the waste back into the loop in the denim industry.

2nd-life collection layout-05.jpg

Next step, continue to develop denim fabric with our cut-waste, continue our circularity to "3RD LIFE" or "4TH LIFE" together with our partnering customers

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