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Innovative low-impact techniques, an emphasis on softness and comfort, also an expansion into non-denim woven lead developments at the Kingpins show in Amsterdam.

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Regenerative Cotton

Spotted at Kingpins in Amsterdam for A/W 24/25, many mills present their regenerative cotton collection as it continues its commitment to increasing circularity and sustainable denim production. Regenerative farming rebuilds soil health, so it can sequester CO2 from the air, lower global warming, promote biodiversity and protect farms.

Cotton Waste Man-made Cellulosics

Man-made cellulosic (MMC) fibre makers are putting pre or post-consumer cotton waste into closed-loop viscose processes to offset wood pulp. Waste cotton is decoloured, dissolved into a cellulose pulp and made into fibre. It offsets virgin cotton impacts and mitigates ‘ deforestation, water waste and CO2 emissions. Yarns are of a similar quality to virgin fibre, not degraded as with mechanical recycling.

#     ​Ultra-Soft - Tencel / Hollow Yarn

#     Light Weight - Packable Denim

#     Ultimate Stretch - Comfort Focus

#     Anti-Wrinkle - Easy Care

Supreme Comfort | Easy Care

Denim are refreshed with soft volume silhouettes, supreme softness and easy care design for a functional and versatile collection with value-driven consumer appeal.

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Monochrome has continued to be one of the hottest trends in fashion. Grey is one of the colour that has gained importance in ss25 kingpins. Unrefined ecru bases offers a more responsible alternative to summer whites.

Blue In Summer

Nostalgic tones come into play for denim with warming castes and saturated dyes. However, there is a rise of raw denim and timeless deep blue shades, elevating everyday denim classics into polished versions.

Faded Fabric Dye

By using an innovative dyestuff solution for textile dyeing, which could naturally faded during garment washing process to give high low abrasion in seam lines and achieve a distressed, vintage look.

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Kingpins Fabric.png

Denim character is now moving away from orange peel and OE look. The tactile weave trends inspired by the '00s, brings a return to characterful denim, with texture via slubs, dobbies and crosshatch weaves.

Tactile Denim

Denim explores micro texture weaves and jacquard, textured and tufted surfaces give denim a fresh and crafted appeal. Workwear references take a more subtle and tonal approach, moving on last season's graphic stripes.

High-shine Denim

High-shine fabrications, coated metallic denim and wet-look denim finishes as a bold statement finishing in ss25 kingpins show. This fashion-forward sheen makes it ideal for summer party.

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