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In times of uncertainty, we outcry our spontaneous passion for the world. By using an enthusiastic and nature-led color palette, it is a new chapter of classics that rooted in a nostalgic lifestyle.

Speak up for the environment! They are not afraid to express their positive thinking or voice out their message through clothes in order to save the world. They show their belief with hand-written inspired slogans on the garments and reconstruct our clothing by using what was considered “waste”. Such as free-style blocking, or using patches or badges on destructed areas.

"We are going for a green finishing"

Holding the responsibility to the future, this young generation is playing the role of summoner to confront climate change. They voice out their green statement and take the lead to make a change, they inspire us to probe the way we wear and purchase. The trend will eventually come when we all work together and lead to a brighter future.

To raise awareness of sustainable clothing, the environmental activist focuses on reducing cut wastage by introducing square, boxy and straight cut. The roomier silhouettes with smart paper pattern design achieve maximum fabric usage.

Eco-wash embracing innovative techniques that are kinder to the planet. Now, we are aiming for 100% sustainable denim garments. We strive for sustainable finishing, continue to seek for newer technologies to reduce the use of water, increase the use of non-toxic chemicals, maintain high awareness of environmental design. Discover denim that feels good and does good.

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