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Gender is no longer a binary but spectrum instead: more diversity and more possibility. The traditional gender stereotypes cannot be agreed upon more by the young generation since they believe clothes should be designed to fit anyone.

Certain in breaking down the gender barriers, retailers react to the appetite for gender neutral clothing. From designer labels to international brands, such as Aimé Leon Dore, ASOS, CLOSED, and H&M, offer their collection with more possibilities, and at the same time, a sustainable way to manage their inventory.

The color selection of FW22 for gender neutrality is soft and sensual tones such as forest greens, mocha browns, taupe-like greys, and a range of nude shades that the color palette is suitable for everyone. These colors are connecting with people’s emotions and making them feel good.

Relaxed straight and loose fit play the main core of gender-inclusive style that allows these styles can be worn by everyone.

The washing procedure in gender neutrality is driven by the young generation with their desire and appetite for nonbinary clothing. A harmonious and well-balanced atmosphere will run through into the genderless collection.

Subtle acid wash without dry process is an essential wash that ornamenting and bringing fun to the genderless collection.

Stone washing with soft hand-sand processing brings us a comfy and gentle feeling.

The intensity of the whiskers' application is soft with lower contrast, elevates the level of neutrality, and allows everyone can carry the style easily.

Adjustable waist and size adjustment details increase flexibility. Moreover, tailored seam and pleat details make the styles more luxurious and neutral looking.

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