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layout fw22 living in the moment final layout-01.jpg

Rhinestones and crystal studs are applied to take the look into festival or party-ready territory.

Living in the moment, embracing hedonism: keep seeking happiness in "live young, die young" attitude, bravely to show and embrace the uniqueness by strong virtual attractiveness.  

Iconic street style, share the interesting lives.

Seeking for being remarkable and comfortable, the new generation prefers dressing with street style that tends to loose and relaxing.

Expressive psychedelic washes have seen a resurgence: uplifting colors are the update of tie-dye to show an energetic and youthful attitude.

Novel textile printing techniques are used to mimic the kaleidoscopic pattern.

Creating a distinctive outlook with metallic shiny coating to reach a strong virtual attractiveness.

Bold and playful artwork with vibrant hues embraces an opulent theme to get visual attendance. Handcrafted graffiti and doodles pattern offers a mood expression for streetwear dressing.

The new generation finds enthusiastic on life excitements. They feel empathy with those influencers who are edgy, bravely breaking rules, and holding a “live in the moment” attitude. They express their personality by choosing bold, diverse, and stylish clothing. This is a way to experience these icon’s behavior by their strong sense of presence. As the result, styles are usually more diverse and stylish by experimenting with prominent fit, wash and embellishment.

Seeking a free spirit and pursue personal thoughts.

Recognizable with nonchalant, nihilistic attitude with unique dressing style

Members are demonstrating different charisma with their own talent and style.

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