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Digitalization is an indivisible part of our lifestyle, along with the Metaverse momentum, the line
between physical and virtual world are getting blurry. Worldwide users spread their cultures and
values while tapping into virtual world, these cultural exchanges regenerate a new forms of representation. NFTs is the intersection of art, culture, community and the block-chain, with its core value, all of us could be a pioneer and creator to dominate the new world.

When entering into the virtual platform, users can re-define
who they wanna be. In order to show everyone's personality
and uniqueness, texturized, bright cast, as well as raver black
denim are the key in this story. Mid to heavy oz with low-stretch
enhances the overall visual appearance.

The silo is being slouchy and exaggerated to dramatic
level in Metaverse. Wide-baggy jeans are updated with a
floor-length, cargo jeans are leveled up with new proportions of multiple patch pockets, and ultra volume jacket, showcase the limitless possibilities and capabilities in the virtual world.

Free dimensional and
dynamic statement washes
create a bold and expressive style with an eye-catching palette . In addition, trashed-and-destroyed styles with extreme blowouts, 
frays and repairs, to capture the 90s’ grunge mood.

Self-creation and expression is being as one of NFTs' core values , freehand, textural and abstract artworks referencing a key print and pattern direction of subculture history . Moreover, the overlapping of the real and virtual worlds gives us an illusion, digital distortion textures or swirling patterns elevate the felling of excitement when entering into the Metaverse.

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