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The digital world might seem far removed
from nature, but it could be the key to
helping us imagine and build a better,
more regenerative world. NatureVerse
explores the beautiful and surprising
symbiosis between the technological
and the organic.

Natureverse is defined by the seemingly opposed natural and digital worlds, showing how the two can coexist. Inspired by the earthy no need to mention futuristic shade together, swampy, botanical, mineral, apricot, astro & alphine tones also work with this pioneering theme.

Nature-first approach to design
Designing with nature at the forefront will drive success of building a better world. Source materials locally and ethically, and work with suppliers that have proven lower greenhouse gas emissions, transparent supply chains, and that produce materials that can be returned to nature or recycled.

Wide Leg/ Drapey/ Soft Touch

NatureVerse has unlocked a mindset of nature materials. Recycled or natural fiber and bio-based man-made fibers would be the key focus in this natural world, such as certified lyocells, Carbon Zero Tencel, and hemp which added robust durability as an update.

Oversized/ Ethnic Pattern/ Striped Running Stitches

Vintage vibe marble/ Nep yarn looks/Authentic twill look
Light weight/ Soft handle/ Green cast

Inspired by natural resources, design to actively improve the environment by sourcing natural or plant-based materials. Use natural dyes to make a positive impact and support multi-species thinking. Look to the ocean and nature as a source of inspiration, and use this as an opportunity to draw attention to climate change.

- Less back staining
- More lasering friendly
- Less waste indigo & rinsing water

The denim giant launched Levi’s Fresh collection of colorful denim
with nature-derived dyes made from plants and botanicals. Natural
dyes traditionally skew towards earth tones. One of the benefits of
plant and mineral dyes is that they need fewer additives to adhere
to the yarn, making it a much more sustainable and important
innovation for the dyeing process.

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