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PD FW23 New-01.jpg

“Oh, snap!”  Y2K is back, and they’re better than ever before. 

The metaverse and virtual realities inspire the new hypnotic wonderland and digital futurism, moving on from Y2K with a lo-fi web 1.0 aesthetic. Nostalgia for the 2000s also encourages the use of pastel color palettes and retro-futuristic motifs with glossy effects.

The nostalgia and inclusive character of long rain slub and cross-hatch constructions perfectly tapping into Y2K trend. Space dye and high-shine coatings using a space-inspired color palette to highlight the popular gaming and fashion in tech trend.

PD FW23 New-02.jpg

The early Y2K fashion trend is known for bootcut and low-rise jeans. But nowadays, we are playing more interestingly with side seam and slouchy silhouette. The modern-day takes on the Y2K wide-leg denim is less extreme and suitable for everyday wear.

Harnessing the optimistic sentiment of the energized, this direction taps into the proactive and positive main character energy of self-expression. 

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